We will carry out the work you have requested using our trusted and reliable professional techniques. In the event that your shoes or garments have stains such as alcohol spillages, curry sauce, denim bleed, dye, fake tan, tar etc then we will clean those areas the number of times required until we remove the stain or we stop seeing a difference in the stain removing. In the event that stains are still visible then the advertised cost of the service you have requested will still stand.

We will not carry out work on any footwear or clothing containing blood, vomit, faeces or smoke bomb dye. If you book shoes in in this condition, they will be returned to you and a collection fee will apply.

If you arrange a delivery slot for your shoes and the courier attends at the specified address and you are not at home, your shoes will be returned to our store and must then be collected by you.

We will retain un-collected orders for up to 3 months from the date you place your order but reserve the right to dispose of any items you don’t collect after that time. 

We also reserve the right to no longer accept orders from you if you do not collect items which are for payment in-store.

We will endeavour to clean and return your shoes and garments to you as soon as possible. It is impossible for us to put a turnaround time on every item given the high demand for our services and the various conditions we receive goods in. We ask for your patience if we are spending a bit more time than you expected.

We are happy to clean counterfeit shoes but ask that customers be mindful that we cannot make copied shoes look like genuine ones and we must advise you that often copied shoes produce different results to genuine ones given the lower quality of the materials used to make them.

If you are buying shoes from our sneaker store – Soled then please note that we have a no returns policy. Once shoes have left the store they cannot be returned under any circumstances.

We aim to provide you with the best customer service possible and ask that your treat all of our couriers and staff with the same courtesy that is afforded to you.