Q: How does this work?

A: On booking your shoes into us via the Book Now tab on the site menu, we will arrange for a courier to call you and book a convenient time to pick up your shoes.
They will then be collected and taken to our workshop. We take before shots of your shoes and then carry out the work you have instructed.
We then take after shots and arrange a suitable time to get them back to you.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We have three set cleaning prices which range from £25 to £55. These prices do not include collection and delivery which is an additional £5. We also carry out small repairs and a reduced cost for kids shoes size 2 and under (£20)
Check our services page and social media for more on what we can do and our prices.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Once collected your shoes are entered into our queue to await cleaning. We will endeavour to have them back to you as soon as possible. 
There can be a slight delay during busier periods but we will always keep you updated. If your shoes have stubborn stains or marks then please allow for additional time.

Q: Do you charge extra for designer or luxury shoe brands?

A: No, our prices are fixed unless your shoes need additional work.
We treat all shoes with the same amount of care and attention no matter the brand.

Q: Will they look brand new when you’re done?

A: Naturally not every stain or mark will be removable, but we will use every technique available to ensure your shoes are as clean as possible.

We have posted plenty of before and after shots of various shoe types both here on our showcase page and our social media pages. This is to help our customers gauge what is possible when using our services.

Q: Can I post my shoes to you?

A: Yes, we run a UK wide postage service. Contact us for further information on where to send your shoes.

Q. Do you clean counterfeit shoes or bags?

A. The short answer is yes, however please be mindful that shoes and bags which are copied on the originals are often not made to the same standard and the materials are usually not of the same quality therefore we cannot guarantee that counterfeit goods will have the same finish as genuine ones when cleaned or painted etc. We understand that you may be unaware that your shoes and bags are not legit but we are too polite to explain to any customers that their goods are counterfeit but we can of course if asked. We therefore ask that comparisons are not drawn on the work we carry out on real and fake goods as results often differ between them both in the same way that the look and feel on the materials differs. We are more than happy to clean any shoes or bags and we will endeavour to achieve customer satisfaction on every booking.

Q: Do you only clean trainers?

A: We have experience in working with all shoe types including golf shoes, football boots, high heels and formal shoes. We also clean and restore handbags and purses too.

Q. How do I book a collection

A. Use the menu function on our website to select book online and complete all of the required details.

Q. Can I drop my shoes off to you?

A. Yes, you can also drop shoes into our workshop directly.

Q. Do you need the box or dust bag?

A. We prefer to take only the shoes when bringing them into the workshop. This helps us with storage and labelling of the shoes. We make sure we package the shoes prior to them being returned to ensure they stay in Box Fresh condition when being transported.

Q. I have put my shoes in the washing machine and damaged the leather, can you fix them.

A. We have managed to salvage shoes with washing machine damage but you would save yourself a lot of money in the long run by sending them to us to clean in the first place.